ASSL is involved in analytical and experimental research of advanced composite materials for light-weight and high-reliability aerospace structures.
We are seeking associates to work with us.
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for graduate school


  • Probabilistic Design Analysis for Composite Structures
  • Development of evaluation test method for interfacial property of fiber-reinforced composites
  • Low-Cost Manufacturing Technique for CFRP Composites Using VaRTM
  • Study about nondestructive test of partial composite structue models
  • Study about smart structures
  • Study about fracture mechanics parameters of composite materials
  • Mechanical Properties of Super Heat-Resistant Pokymer Composite
  • Repair Method of CFRP Sandwich Plates
  • Compression After Impact on Composite Sandwich Panels


Professor Nobuhide Uda
Assistant Professor Hiroto Nagai

Doctoral Course 3rd Grader 1 part-time student
Global Course
Doctoral Course 1st Grader
Kim Taeyoung
Master Course 2nd Grader Satoshi Ikeda
Yoshiki Ooshima
Takuya Koga
Tomoki Mori
Taishu Yoshitake
Master Course 1st Grader Soshi Oda
Issei Tanaka
Kyohei Matsukawa
Undergraduate 4th Grader Kazuki Suoh
Hiroki Taniguchi
Hiroyuki Harada
Yuya Yamamoto


Aerospace Structural Systems engineering Laboratory
Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Kyushu University
#807 West Zone Building IV, 744 Motooka, Nishi-ku, Fukuoka 819-0395, JAPAN