Guidance and Navigation Laboratory Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Kyushu University


Realization of space engineering innovation
by fusion of new theory and technology

In this laboratory, we are not only gathering existing systems and theories,
By constructing new theories and concepts that have never existed before,
We aim to develop systems that are active in the space frontier and aviation sectors.


Autonomous system

In this laboratory, from the viewpoint of structural examination (movement method) and sensing and control, it is possible to perform autonomous and efficient exploration even in an unknown environment,We aim to develop Rover system with high reliability.


Trajectory and attitude control of the satellite,
Control of nonholonomic system

In this research, we aim at simultaneous control of satellite position and attitude by using thruster.
Also, due to the mechanics of thrusters, since it has unidirectional and constant value constraints in addition to poor drivability, it has a system with input constraints.


Fort for small thruster
Trajectory control of metation flight

In this research, we are studying ways to control both attitude and orbit with only 4 thrusters.
This research is considered useful as a control side of the redundant system when the actuator for control fails.



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