The 4th International Conference on Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow in Microscale
September 4-9, 2011  Fukuoka, Japan
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Transportation from Fukuoka Airport to Hilton Fukuoka Sea Hawk

1)By Taxi: Approximately 20 minute drive through Fukuoka City Expressway.Typical charge is 3600JPY-4000JPY.
To get to Hilton Fukuoka Sea Hawk Hotel by TAXI, please use this card.

2)By Bus: Get on the bus to Fukuoka Tower Minamiguchi TNC (#39) at Fukuoka-Kuko Kokunaisen bus stop and get off at Sea Hawk-mae bus stop.Approximately 50 minute ride from the airport. Bus charge is 420JPY.

3)By Subway+Bus: Take the Fukuoka City Subway and get off at Tenjin Station (Subway charge is 250JPY). Get on the bus for Fukuoka Tower (#305) at Tenjin-Soraria-Stage bus stop and get off at Sea Hawk Hotel bus stop (Bus charge is 220JPY).


We hope all of you are familiar with the location of Japan in the world. Although it is said in western countries that Japan is located in the Far East, we usually draw Japan in the middle of a world map as shown here.

Kyushu Island is located in the southwest of Japan and has the longest cultural ties to mainland Asia. Fukuoka City is located in the north of Kyushu Island and the largest in Kyushu with population of over 1.3 million people.

Fukuoka has excellent access and a highly functional urban environment. The entranceway to Fukuoka is, first of all, Fukuoka International Airport, which offers links to numerous cities in Japan, and 23 major cities overseas. Seoul is just 85 minutes away, and Shanghai can be reached in 100 minutes. Tokyo is a 90-minute flight, and Osaka 65 minutes. Furthermore, big advantage of Fukuoka is that it takes only 10 minutes to reach the center of Fukuoka City from the airport using the subway system.

By land, visitors reach Fukuoka by expressway or Japan Railways (usually written as JR) particularly Shinkansen, bullet trains you may say. Extension of the Shinkansen line into the south of Kyushu Island would be making travel more convenient and speedier. Hakata Port, which is very close to Fukuoka International Congress Center, welcomes 2 million travelers a year. This port serves as a terminal for the jet foil, which links Fukuoka to Busan, Korea, with a journey time of approximately 3 hours.

Any foreign visitors desiring to enter Japan must have a valid passport. A visa is required for citizens of countries that do not have visa exempt agreements with Japan. Please check the following URL for your visa requirements and contact the nearest Japanese Embassy or Consulate when you need to apply for a visa.
We will be able to provide the documents necessary for visa application for the participants who have completed their online registration. More details will be updated in the near future.